Affordable Makeup Brushes I Can’t Live Without

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I own very few makeup brushes that aren’t from the drugstore, or from a very affordable website.  It seems like these days the quality of affordable brushes is so high, I’m not sure why anyone would even pay for a high end brand brush.  There are SO many amazing brushes out there that are so inexpensive, and it’s amazing!  Here are some of the makeup brushes I cannot live without!

img_6261Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush. I have never heard anyone talk about this brush, I had never seen advertisements for it or anything, but one day I was at Ulta, and I saw it, and it looked interesting so I thought I would give it a shot.  Now I could never do winged liner without it.  This brush pairs perfectly with gel eyeliner and makes it so easy to just draw the wing on like you are just using a pencil. I always struggled so much with liquid liner and even using an angled brush with gel liner, but it was always so hard for me to create a perfect wing.  With this brush not only is it so easy to use, but it takes me no time at all to do winged liner, I love it!

Eco Tools Double Sided Duo Brush Set.  This set of brushes is my amazing!  It’s basically like getting four different brushes, and the whole set only costs about $5 or $6, which is a bargain!  I use all four sides of this brush on a regular basis, the first brush has a really nice blending side and a small smudger which is really nice for the lower lash line, and the second brush has a flat shader brush which is really great at packing color onto the lid, on one end, and an angled brush on the other.

Morphe M441.  This is the only Morphe brush I own so far, but I definitely plan on buying more of their brushes in the future.  This is by far my favorite eyeshadow brush, it blends shadows so nicely and it was so inexpensive!  Morphe is a great brand, I only have a few of their products, but I absolutely love all of them.  I’ve only ever heard amazing things about their company and their makeup brushes, which are all a steal!

Elf Concealer Brush.  Elf is another brand that makes super inexpensive brushes, I have gotten a few of their brushes that have just been ok, but they were only $1 – $3 so I don’t feel bad that they weren’t my favorite.  But the Elf concealer brush is definitely one of my favorites! I have never actually used this brush for concealer, but I feel like it would blend it out nicely.  Instead, I use this brush for eyeshadow.  It’s really fluffy but still dense so it makes blending out eyeshadows very easy.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.   This is my favorite brush for the face.  It works really well for both foundation and concealer.  I like that it is pretty small so it just makes it easier to buff out products onto the skin.

Real Techniques Blush Brush.  This is another Real Techniques brush that I am absolutely obsessed with.  I love how big and fluffy it is, and it’s super soft, which is always nice.  I usually use this for bronzer, because I feel like it does a nice job blending the colors out on my cheeks, no matter what product I am using.



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