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To say I’m addicted to Essie nail polish is an understatement.  Essie nail polishes are my absolute favorite nail polishes ever! I just think the colors are so beautiful and unique, and they all look amazing! These are some of my favorite shades of Essie nail polishes.


Wicked:  This one is my favorite for the winter time! I think the dark burgundy purple is so pretty for the colder season, and it’s the perfect color to match any outfit.

Penny Talk:  This is a beautiful rose gold shade, and I love that is has a really nice metallic look to it.   It’s probably the most unique shade of nail polish I own, and it’s absolutely stunning for any occasion.

Angora Cardi: I recently purchased this shade, and it’s so pretty! It is like a dark rose color, and very girly and feminine.

Chinchilly:  For the longest time this was my go-to shade all year round.  I used to wear this shade all the time, and got endless compliments when I wore it!  It’s just the most beautiful grey shade with hints of brown and purple, and it matches everything!

Power Clutch:  This is a beautiful dark green color with a grey undertone.  I love this color for the fall and winter time.


Absolutely Shore:  This is such a great color, it’s a really soft mint green.  It’s a perfect shade for the summer time, and even though it is a green shade, it’s so subtle that it still matches every outfit perfectly!

Back in the Limo: This is a really light baby pink shade and even after a few coats it’s not completely opaque, but it’s really nice for a soft wash of color on the nails without being overboard.

Lady Like: This is a beautiful dusty rose color that reminds me of a lighter version of Angora Cardi.  It’s a great color for the spring time.

Sand Tropez: This is my go-to nude nail polish shade.  It’s a really pretty creamy beige shade and it’s great all year round.

Instant Dry Oil: The instant dry oil is the best top coat there is! I use it every time I paint my nails and they are completely dry and ready to go in minutes! It makes my at home manicures SO easy and quick!

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