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Over the past year I’ve gotten really into makeup and I am constantly accumulating more and more, so I am always searching for new and effective ways to store and organize my makeup.   I went out the other day and got some really cute containers to try and organize everything a little better.


I got this Vinea pencil cup for my brushes, and the letter holder to organize some of my eye shadow palettes.  I’ve seen this letter holder as a palette organizer before on pintrest, and I thought it was really cute, and it works really well, so I’m glad I actually found it.  I got mine at Staples, but they are also available on Amazon, the letter holder was $9 and the cups were $6 each.

tray and jars

I also went to Michael’s and picked up a bunch of really cute things.  I got these jelly jars for about $2 each, for q-tips and cotton rounds.  They also had a lot of different sizes of mason jars that were also really cute.  This rose gold tray is also from Michael’s and it was about $5.  It’s perfect to hold some of the products I use daily, so I can keep them out and easily accessible.


Lastly at Michael’s I got three of these empty glass candle holders to hold my mascaras, eyeliners, lip products and concealers.  If you use candles a lot you can just use the holder from an old candle to do this, but since I didn’t have any around the house, I just purchased these ones for about $4 each.


This acrylic storage unit was one I already owned.  I’ve had it for about a year, and you can find ones just like this or very similar, pretty much everywhere.  I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond, but I’ve seen them at Target and the Container Store and places like that.  I really like these and you can get them in pretty much every size depending on how big your makeup collection is, which is really nice.


Just for some decoration I’ve got this square vase that I purchased a while ago, from Michael’s as well.  I can’t remember exactly how much it was, but I know it was pretty inexpensive.  I filled it with some of these really pretty flowers, also from Michael’s just to brighten up my makeup desk!

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