My Favorite Maybelline Mascaras

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When it comes to mascara, Maybelline is where it’s at!  They make the absolute best mascaras on the market.  I have tried some other brands (both drugstore and high end) and there are some mascaras that I really do like, but I am convinced that Maybelline will always make my favorites!   Maybelline makes so many different types of mascara, but I am a fan of mascara that gives volume but separates my lashes as well, I don’t like when it gets super clumpy.  So with that being said, here are my favorite Maybelline mascaras!

IMG_5716Lash Sensational.  I’ve heard so many people love on this mascara, and there’s a reason why…because it’s the bomb!  I really like the shape of the wand because it curls my lashes and gives volume at the same time!

IMG_5722Classic Volume Express.  This is one of the first mascaras I ever bought, I can remember using this stuff since I was in middle school!  I still love this mascara just as much as I did back in the day, it’s one of my go-to beauty products, that I know will give me perfect lashes everytime!

IMG_5718Pumped Up Colossal.  This is another great one!  I like that this one has a bigger wand, so it really makes my lashes look amazing.  This mascara also makes my lashes look super long too!

IMG_5736The Falsies Big Eyes.  I love this one because it’s got two separate wands, one for top and one for bottom lashes, and as someone who likes to use different mascaras on the top and bottom lashes, this one is super convenient!  I love this for travel, and just everyday use.

IMG_5733Great Lash.  And lastly but certainly not least, is the Great Lash.  I literally couldn’t make a post about Maybelline mascara and not include this one, because it truly is great!  I specifically love this mascara for my lower lash line because it has a smaller wand, but it’s not too small where I feel like I can’t get any product on my lashes, so this one is the perfect size!



    • Paula
    • September 19, 2016

    I am not a mascara wearer, but wore some on my sons wedding day. Does Maybeline have waterproof mascara. What is the best way to apply mascara without getting it on you eye lids or cheeks.

      • Rachel
      • September 26, 2016

      I love their waterproof mascaras too! So great!

  1. I have a couple of these too, I think Maybelline is really great for mascara! You have a really lovely blog here, so keep up your amazing work pretty lady! x

      • Rachel
      • September 26, 2016

      Thanks so much!! 😀

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Maybelline is the drugstore brand that just dominates in the mascara department. I used to buy quite a lot of high end mascaras but to be honest, I think Maybelline is on par if not better with most high end mascaras. Haven’t tried all of these so I may have to pick up a few of these to give a whirl.
    Holly x

      • Rachel
      • October 28, 2016

      Yeah, I usually end up liking my Maybelline mascaras even more than my high end ones… they are amazing!!

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