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March 17, 2017 , In: Beauty , With: 4 Comments

I love a good smokey eye… I mean who doesn’t right? But I especially love creating a smokey eye with my Urban Decay Smoky Palette, because it makes it SO easy! These eye shadows are not only the perfect colors for a smokey eye, but they also blend out so easily, and in literally 10 minutes, you’ve got the perfect eye look!

First I take the color Password, which is a really pretty grey color with an almost purple-y undertone.  It’s one of my favorite colors in this palette,  and I use that in the crease to blend out the color I put all over the lid, which is the dark shimmery grey color called Dagger.  I then use Password again to blend out the edges, and the matte white shade, Thirteen in the inner corner to create a blended ombre look on the eyes, and then I’m done! 

This is such an easy smokey eye, I literally use three colors, and it only takes me 5-10 minutes, to create this look.  It’s a perfect look for a night out with friends, or you know class at 9am, I have literally worn this look for both, because I will literally wear a smokey eye any time day or night! 

To finish this look I but on my NYX suede lipstick in the shade Brooklyn Thorne, I really like that this is a cooler brown/grey lip color that I think looks so good with the eye shadow color!

So there is my super easy go-to smokey eye makeup look, I hope you guys enjoy, and have an amazing weekend!

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  1. You just reminded me to make more use out of my Naked Smokey palette! You look beautiful with smokey eyes.

      • Rachel
      • March 19, 2017

      Thanks so much! The Naked Smoky palette is so great! 🙂

  2. I love how there are some grey/silverish tones in the smoky eye rather than it being very dramatic and black.
    Aleeha xXx

      • Rachel
      • March 19, 2017

      I love grey/silver smokey eyes I think they look so pretty! 🙂

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