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In the summertime when it’s super hot and humid outside, I really don’t like to wear that much makeup.  I find that it won’t stay on very long and I’ll spend all this time applying makeup and I’ll just sweat it all off anyways.  So I really like to use these four products in the summertime to achieve a really pretty no- makeup makeup look.  All of these products are very natural looking, so you don’t need very much to get a really pretty look.

L’Oreal Magic Lumi Primer.  This is my favorite primer whether I am wearing lots of makeup or just a little.  I think it leaves the prettiest glow to the skin, and this is beautiful under other products or on its own.


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream.  I LOVE this product.  It is basically a tinted moisturizer, and it’s very light weight, perfect for summer.  This also has SPF 30 in it, which I really like for the summer, and unlike other SPF moisturizers I have this one doesn’t smell like sunscreen which is really nice.


NYX Dark Circle Concealer Correcteur.  Another one of my favorite products! This concealer has an orange undertone so it is really good for covering up dark under eye circles, so I usually put some of this underneath my normal concealer.  But in the summer I will skip concealer completely and just use the smallest amount of this concealer to get rid of any dark circles.


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.  This is a great mascara in general, but this particular one I have is the waterproof version, and it is in the shade Brown-Black.  I like that it is waterproof, so I know it will not move from my lashes all day, and because the color is a little softer than a normal harsh black mascara, I fell like it looks a little more natural on the eyes.


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