Fall and Winter Trends 2015

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Fall and winter fashion is the best, cold weather clothes are just so comfy! There are so many trends that I am excited to try out this year.

Suede/Fringe. This has been a huge trend all year long and is continuing into the winter season. It seems like I’ve been seeing suede and fringe everywhere – handbags, shoes, jackets, dresses, skirts, shirts… everything! I think a suede piece and really spice up any outfit and add some texture.  A pop a fringe can also be really fun too, and the great thing about fringe, is that you can go as subtle or bold as you want, depending on how comfortable you are with it.

Over the Knee Boots. One of my favorites! Over the knee boots are SO cute and I’ve been seeing a lot of them this year. You can find them in pretty much any shoe store, and they come in all colors and heel heights which is awesome, so you can really get anything you want! I found an amazing pair at DSW that was a really good price too!  They look great over a pair of leggings or skinny jeans, or with a dress or a skirt.

Leather.  Just like suede, I’ve been seeing leather (and faux leather) everywhere. I’ve seen a lot of leather dresses that are so cute, as well as a few dresses with a leather trim which is the perfect way to incorporate some leather for an edgier look without being too much.

Text Friendly Gloves. Because it’s 2015 – if you can’t use your phone while wearing gloves something is wrong.  These have been around for a while, but every year they seem like they are getting easier to find, in the store I work in every single brand of gloves we carry, has at least one style of text friendly gloves.

Patterned Tights. A super fun trend that I’m really excited about.  I love wearing dresses all year round so it’s necessary to wear tights in the winter, and a pair of patterned or lace tights will add a really cool twist to any dress or skirt.

Capes.  Another fun trend that I cannot wait for! Capes are so comfy and it basically just feels like being wrapped up in a blanket that you can wear anywhere.  They are also super easy to wear, either casually over jeans or with a dress for something more formal.

Colors.  Some of the colors that I have been seeing a lot of this fall season – navy, grey, ivory white, and burgundy.  Burgundy is probably my favorite, whether it’s clothing, a handbag, or makeup, I LOVE this color! I think it’s so beautiful and very fall/winter appropriate.

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