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Fall trends are always my favorite! I love this time of year, when we are just getting into the holiday season, and I get to pull out all my cold weather clothing again.  I have been seeing these trends all over instagram and pintrest, and I am already obsessing over them!

Velvet and Silk.  I think this is one of my favorite trends this year.  I think silk and velvet dresses and blouses just look so effortless, but still so put together and cute.  I think they make any outfit so much more interesting, by adding a little texture, it also gives me major 90’s flashbacks which I love!silk-and-velvetright | left

Metallic Accents.  I love anything shimmery and sparkly, so naturally this trend is perfect for me!  It’s also really great for the upcoming holiday season.  It’s a great way to glam up any outfit.

metallic-accentsright | left

Chokers.  This is another one of my favorite trends this year.  I have been into simpler more dainty jewelry in the past year, but I still love a nice statement necklace, so I feel like chokers are the perfect combination of simple and statement.

chokersright | left

Block Heels.  In the past couple of months I have definitely seen a transition in shoes, from the super high stilettos to the shorter block heels.  I still love stilettos, don’t get me wrong, but block heels are a little bit more practical (and comfortable) for everyday wear, and they are super cute!

block-heelsright | left

Bomber Jackets.  I’ve talked about bomber jackets before, but these are definitely the jackets of the moment! I have seen them in every store, and online everywhere.

bomber-jacketsright | left

Olive Green and Burgundy.  These two colors are definitely my favorite colors of the fall season.  I have seen them everywhere, accessories, clothing, shoes.   Literally anything you could want, you can find in these colors!

burgundy-and-olive-greenright | left

What are some of your favorite fall trends this year?

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  1. Velvet and silk are my absolute favourites! x


      • Rachel
      • October 28, 2016

      Me too! I’m obsessed with them both right now!

  2. These are such great trends, particularly the velvet. I’m such a lover of velvet as it feels so nice and it’s a cool way of making an outfit all that more interesting. I still haven’t gotten into the choker trend yet but I am getting more and more swayed into buying a few as some bloggers just rock them.
    Another great blog post lovely! Holly x https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/chronicles-holly-13610625

      • Rachel
      • October 28, 2016

      I know, I love velvet too! And there are so many cool chokers out there right now, I just love it!!

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