Summer Closet Staples

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I am so happy it’s summertime! Even though it’s been so hot outside, I am loving it! Of course summer means, breaking out all of my summer fashion essentials.  These are my must haves every year for the summer, the things I absolutely cannot live without!

Chino Shorts. These J. Crew shorts are my favorite for the summertime.  I own these in pretty much every color, because they are so cute and perfect for an everyday summer outfit.

j crew chino shorts1|2|3|4

Hats. I love wearing big hats in the summertime.  I absolutely love these two from J.Crew.


Wedges. These are so perfect to dress up any outfit in the summer.  I love to throw on a cute dress or skirt and a pair of wedges, and voila! a super cute outfit! Wedges are an absolute must for any summer closet.

summer wedges1|2

Sundresses.  My favorite item of clothing in the summertime, is the sundress. I just love how easy it is to throw on a dress and be ready for the day.  I love Francesca’s for sundresses, they have such a great selection, and they aren’t too expensive either which is always nice!


Sunglasses. Obvious necessity.  Quay Australia has become my favorite brand of sunglasses!  I just love their styles and how fun and different they are!

quay sunglasses1|2

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