Summer Trends 2016

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Happy Summer! So happy it’s finally summertime I’m so excited for some hot sunny days by the beach! I am so pumped for some of the biggest summer trends this season!

Crop Tops.  I love crop tops, I think they look so cute, but I am not a huge fan of having my stomach exposed, so I like to wear high waisted shorts or skirts with them, and it is literally the cutest outfit ever! That way you can show just a little bit of skin if you want, but you don’t have to, which makes it appropriate for any occasion.  summer trend - crop topstop left | top right | bottom left | bottom right

Off The Shoulders. Probably one of my favorite trends of the season! I am seriously OBSESSED with this look.  Every time I open pintrest it is literally all I see, and it’s totally understandable, because whether it’s a shirt or a dress, the off the shoulder tops just look so cute and fun on everybody, and they are just so perfect for the summer!

summer trend - off the shoulderleft | right 

Denim Mini Skirts. This is one of those awesome trend that was popular in the 90s and early 2000s that’s making a comeback! I can remember in middle school rocking my denim miniskirts like every day!  But of course, like so many other things, this is making a huge comeback, and it’s obvious to see why.  I have seen so many pictures of celebrities, like Selena Gomez, wearing the denim miniskirts, and I’ve also seen them all over stores I’ve been shopping in too.  They are so cute and easy to throw on for a really cute outfit!

summer trend - denim mini skirtsleft | right

Bold Colors. This season has been all about bold rich colors.  Even in the spring time, I was seeing a lot of really bright colors, which I thought was unusual and different for this time of year.  Normally I associate soft pastels and light colors with spring and summer, but not this year!   I think a dress in a really fun bold color can really add life to an outfit!

summer trend - rich colorsleft | right

Tassels. This is such a fun summer trend, I seriously am in love with this bag! Colorful tassels are the perfect embellishment on any summer accessory, I’ve been seeing them everywhere, shoes, scarves, jewelry, bags, anything you can think of!

summer trend - tasselsleft | right

Pom Poms. Again, this is one of my favorite trends of the season! I think pom poms are just so much fun, and it reminds me of arts and crafts as a kid, and I love it!  I have seen shoes with pom poms attached to them literally EVERYWHERE this year, and I think they are so different and unique, but it that is a little too much for you, I have also seen a ton of shirts, dresses, and shorts with a little pom pom fringe, like these shorts.  Just the little poms on the bottom make it so fun and different, they are literally perfect for any summer occasion!

summer trend - pom pomsleft | right

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