Sundresses For Every Occasion

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Sundresses are great for the summertime.  I literally wear them nonstop, because they are just so easy to throw on, and it looks like you took the time to get dressed up.  I really love Nordstrom, and they have an AMAZING selection of dresses in their trend department that are so cute and so affordable, you can find the perfect dress for any occasion you could possibly think of!


Daytime Dresses

casual day dressLeft | Middle | Right

Slip dresses and t-shirt dresses, like these are so great for the day time.  They are very casual looking and super comfortable to wear all day as you are running around doing errands or just hanging out!  These are perfect to just throw on and run out the door.


Beach/Pool Dresses

beach dressesLeft | Right

This dress and romper are perfect for the beach or the pool, they would make great cover ups for swimsuits or just look cute to lounge around the beach in!  I love that both of these have such bright colors and patterns, perfect for the summer.


Party Dresses

summer party dressLeft | Middle | Right

These dresses are awesome because they were all under $100, which sometimes fancier dresses can be more expensive, but these are so affordable!  I like that these all have really pretty details on them that make them perfect for a party or special occasion in the summertime.


Wedding Guest Dresses

summer wedding dressesLeft | Middle | Right

Finding a dress to wear to a wedding can be tricky, but I love these soft pastel floral dresses for a summer wedding, I think these three dresses are just beautiful, and would look amazing!


Night Out Dresses

night out dressesLeft | Right

I love both of these dresses, They are so great for a night out no matter what you are doing!  These would be perfect for a nice dinner or going out to a bar… literally anything!

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