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May 16, 2016 , In: Lifestyle, Travel , With: No Comments

In the summer I love taking weekend trips to go visit my friends and go to the beach.  These are the things that I MUST have with me when I get away for the weekend.


Totes & Back Packs.  Obviously… the most important thing.  My Long Champ bag is my favorite travel bag, it’s the perfect size and it’s super light weight.  I also really like this back pack from Urban Outfitters for travel!

Portable Phone Charger.  I don’t know how I only just got one of these a few months ago, but it’s so nice to be able to charge your phone whenever I want!

Hat & Sunnies.  Because it’s hopefully going to be warm and sunny wherever I go.

Swim Suit.  And if it’s warm and sunny, hopefully a pool or beach is nearby!

Book.  In case I get bored.

Water Bottle.  Because I gotta keep hydrated!


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