My Favorite Places In Europe!

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amalfi coast water So this is a very exciting week for me because I am getting ready to go on vacation to Europe next week!  I have been to Europe once before, and it was absolutely incredible, so I am super excited to be going back, and to get the chance to explore some new places that I’ve never been to!  I’ll be going to England and Ireland, while I’ve been to London before, I have never been anywhere else in England or anywhere in Ireland, so I am pumped to get to travel there! But all of this preparing for my trip had me reminiscing about my previous travels in Europe so in honor of my upcoming trip I decided to share some of my favorite places in Europe with you guys!


ParisSo of course, one of my absolute favorite places in the whole world will always be Paris.  I studied abroad there while I was in college, so I got to live there for 4 months, and it was incredible!  Literally every street you walk down in Paris is beautiful.  One of my favorite places was the Montparnasse Tower, which had the incredible view of the city below.  I have so many great memories with my friends and family in Paris, and  I miss living in Paris so much, it’s the perfect city, hopefully it won’t be long until I get to go back!

provence picsAnother one of my favorite places was also in France, Provence.  This is a region in southern France, and I got to go to several different towns there, and the views were absolutely breathtaking.  Most of the towns are located on top of mountains, so the views are just spectacular, and they also have some of the BEST wine I have ever tried!

amsterdam housesAnother place that was so amazing, was Amsterdam.  Even though while I was there it was freezing cold (I think it even started snowing at one point…) but the city itself was still so beautiful, no amount of cold could ever change that!  With the canals that run throughout the city, there was water everywhere you looked, it was so pretty!

sorrento amalfi coastAnd finally another one of my favorite places was the Amalfi Coast.   Italy in general was incredible, but I spent a few days in Sorrento which is on the Amalfi Coast, and it was so beautiful.  The city is right on the water, and it had some of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen!

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