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I have always been terrible at packing light… like seriously bad, I’ve packed four bags of stuff just for a two day trip, and everyone thought I was crazy, because I am a little, but no one needs that much stuff.  So anyways, I’ve been trying to get better about packing a reasonable amount of stuff with me when I travel.  Sometimes it’s easy to go crazy while packing, especially if you are driving because you can just load the car up and go, but most of the time I travel I am going by plane or bus, so I have limited space that I can use.  In a couple of weeks I am going to New York City to visit some friends, so I am going to try not to bring 5 suitcases with me.  Here are some of my tips for packing light:

  • Figure out what you are going to be doing ahead of time so you can plan out your outfits accordingly. I always just bring a million items of clothing with me so that I am ready for any occasion, but if you already know what you are going to be doing every day, that is not necessary.
  • Bring basic pieces that are versatile. Instead of packing 5 purses (pairs of shoes, necklaces, jackets, etc.) to choose from, pick one that will match every outfit you packed.
  • Organize your clothes and fold them neatly or tightly roll them, so you have more room in your bag to save as much space as possible. I’ve also loaded clothes into zip-lock bags and then just squeezed all of the air out, which is great for saving space in your bag, but it will make it SUPER heavy.


My upcoming trip is going to be a pretty short one, just the weekend, Fri-Sun.  It’s also looking like it’s going to be good weather, which always makes it easier to pack because warm weather clothes are less bulky and take up way less room!  Here are some of the things that I’ll be bringing with me:

Bottoms.  I always pack a pair of jeans with my no matter what the season is; I just like to have the option to cover my legs, just in case it is a little colder out.  I’ll also bring a pair of shorts that way I can decide when I get there if I want to wear jeans or shorts. I like my white jeans for the springtime and j.crew chino shorts, they are super cute and very versatile, and they come in a million colors.

Tops.  I’ll usually pack more tops than anything else, because that is what gives the most versatility when picking out an outfit for the day.  Most shirts are pretty easy to roll up really tightly, so you can bring a few of them just to have some options when you get to wherever you are going, and you can pack some casual day tops and some dressier tops for the nighttime.

Dresses. I like to pack one sundress because they are super easy to wear casually during the day and then dress up a little bit at night with some jewelry.  And usually if I decide to pack more than one dress, I’ll pack a few less tops, because I probably won’t wear them.

Jacket.  I like to bring my denim jacket when I travel in the spring and summer because I feel like it is the most versatile jacket I own, and it looks cute with pretty much every outfit.  

Shoes.  1 pair of sandals and 1 pair of sneakers.  I almost always pack flats when I go places just because I know I probably won’t end up wearing heels if I pack them, and they just take up so much room.  I’ll probably bring a pair of basic sandals that will match everything, and my toms.  I always bring my toms with me when I travel because I know I can wear them for hours and walk around in them and I won’t hurt my feet or get any blisters.

Accessories.  I’ll bring very simple accessories with me, probably one or two necklaces that I can wear with every outfit, and an everyday watch.  As far as handbags go I have so much trouble deciding which ones to bring because I love them all so much, but usually one bag to carry around during the day that is a little bigger, and can fir more stuff, and then one small crossbody or clutch bag to carry around at night.

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