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Last weekend I got to go to Milan and it was amazing! I love Italy so much, but I had never actually been to Milan before so I was really excited to get to go and see the city.  In case you didn’t know, I am currently in grad school getting my master’s degree, so this trip to Milan was a school organized trip, and we got to do some really cool things besides just seeing the beautiful city, and I wanted to share some of the highlights of my trip with you guys!

On our first day there we went to comune di martinengo, which is a factory where they make outerwear garments for many luxury brands like Chanel, Fendi, Armani, and more.  I guess I had never really given much thought to where these luxury brands items were actually produced, so it was really cool to see them actually being made, and with all the work that goes into making just one item, I can understand why they are so expensive now!

After we had the factory tour we went to the Armani/Silos museum, where they had a ton of old collections on display.  I loved looking at their older lines, they were so beautiful, of course, and there were so many pretty pieces that I fell in love with!

Then of course we went to the Duomo, the famous cathedral in Milan, and I have to say I always thought it was pretty in pictures, but in person it is absolutely stunning, I think it’s my favorite cathedral in the world, such a beautiful building!

Another thing we got to do was tour the Jil Sander showroom in Milan, and we got to talk with the international retail director of the company which was really cool.  He gave us some great insights into working in the business side of the fashion industry, and as I hope to do that after I graduate, it was really helpful to hear his journey of how he came to be in his current position, and his advice.

And of course we did traditional Italian things, like eating pizza, gelato, pasta, tiramisu, and drinking lots and lots of wine.  It was such a fun trip, and I absolutely love Milan and would love to go back as soon as possible, it’s a beautiful city!

I hope you guys enjoyed! Have any of you guys ever been to Milan? How did you like it?

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